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Crank Chapters 61-70

By Ellen Hopkins

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Chapters 61-70

Chapter 61: Dad Said

  • For example, Dad tells everyone that he wants to sleep with his boss, while Adam asks if he could get in on a three-way with them. Lince gets ticked at this and tells him to keep it in his pants.
  • This whole conversation really makes Kristina mad—after all, her boyfriend just asked to get in on a sexual encounter with her dad and his boss—so she decides to get up and leave, hoping Adam will come after her.

Chapter 62: I Was Pissed

  • Kristina stomps out of the bowling alley into the night, still jacked up on the drug and anger. She walks for about five minutes, until she realizes she's more than "pissed"—she's scared.

Chapter 63: Night Had Hung

  • There are a lot of problems with Kristina roaming the streets of Albuquerque at night while high. Probably the biggest is that the neighborhood has serious racial issues, and as a young, white, blonde girl, she stands out like a sore thumb. This can't end well.

Chapter 64: I Thought I Knew the Way Home

  • Kristina is totally overwhelmed. She has no idea where she is and to make matters worse, the drug is making it impossible for her to focus.
  • Then things take a dangerous turn when three guys show up, call her "baby," and ask if they can help her.

Chapter 65: I Tried to Be Cool

  • Panicked by her situation, Kristina tries to act tough and asks for a cigarette. The guys may not be huge, but she definitely feels outnumbered by them and scared.
  • The guys start making sexual comments toward her, but she can't formulate comeback lines or a way out of the situation. One of the guys tells her he knows she's on crank.
  • They push her into a doorway and tell her that all three of them are going to rape her.

Chapter 66: Hands

  • The guys start ripping Kristina's clothes and throw her to the ground while she screams for them to stop. Realizing that there's no way out, she closes her eyes and prepares herself for what's coming.

Chapter 67: And Then I Heard

  • As if on cue, Adam steps out of the shadows and asks the guys what they're up to. Never thought we'd say this about the guy, but phew
  • He challenges the jerks to leave Kristina alone and persuades them to back away, telling them they don't want to know what happens to rapists in prison.

Chapter 68: Three Raiders Jackets

  • The guys disappear into the night and Adam comforts Kristina. A cop drives by, which isn't exactly something you want to see when you're high. Kristina forces a smile at him and waves, while Adam tells her it's time to go home.

Chapter 69: I Held Tight

  • Kristina clings to Adam the whole way back to her dad's apartment. Her dad isn't home and Kristina figures he's probably still high and at the alley bowling, so she invites Adam in.
  • They stay up all night smoking cigarettes and talking about relationships, their family situations, and love.

Chapter 70: Dawn Broke

  • As morning arrives, Kristina and Adam make up after the discomfort and awkwardness of the back room at the bowling alley. They tell each other they love each other, erasing all of it.

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