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Crank Chapters 71-80

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Chapters 71-80

Chapter 71: About That Time

  • Kristina's dad finally shows up and tells Adam and Kristina that they'd better get some sleep. Adam decides to split.
  • Kristina's dad asks her if she and Adam did anything he wouldn't do. Given his confessions in the back room, we're not totally sure what he means by this—there just doesn't seem to be a heck of a lot her dad won't do. 
  • Still, he warns her that she could get into serious trouble. Which only begs the question, if that's the case, why is he allowing any of this?

Chapter 72: Clueless

  • While her dad goes to bed, Kristina lies on the couch and replays the previous evening in her mind. She's depressed because soon she'll have to go home and leave this world and Adam behind. 
  • She wonders about what aspects of their brief relationship he'll remember, if the lows will stand out in his mind more than the highs, and if life will go on as if she'd never been there.

Chapter 73: I Was Supposed to Sleep?

  • Manic from her drug binge, Kristina realizes sleep is just not going to happen. She gets up and cleans the bathroom and kitchen, then writes a letter to her sister telling her all about Adam, as well as an epic poem about how all this is her mom's fault.
  • She feels too sick to eat anything, but does manage to drink four beers.

Chapter 74: After the Fourth

  • With nothing left to clean and no paper left to write stuff on, Kristina gives in to the great American pastime of watching a six hour Jerry Springer marathon and delighting in all the screwed up people in the world.
  • The drug is leaving her system just as the alcohol is hitting it, and as a result, she finally feels like going to sleep.

Chapter 75: Used Up

  • With her brain totally burned out, Kristina finally tanks somewhere in the middle of the Springer-thon.

Chapter 76: Woke to Pounding

  • Kristina wakes up to someone knocking on the door; she wonders how long she's been asleep, guessing around a few hours. Yeah… try twenty.
  • Adam is at the door and tells her that there's been an accident and he needs her to open the door.

Chapter 77: Coming

  • The thing about the accident doesn't seem to register with Kristina. She gets up and flushes her mouth with mouthwash, forgetting that her legs haven't been used in almost a day and nearly falling down. She looks in the mirror and is horrified by her own reflection.

Chapter 78: I Filled the Sink

  • After filling the sink with cold water, Kristina dunks her head under two times, then goes and opens the door.

Chapter 79: His Demon Showed in His Eyes

  • Adam stumbles into the apartment and clings to Kristina like a scared kid—he says that Lince either fell or jumped off the apartment balcony the day before. 
  • Kristina doesn't ask why she did it, just holds him and lets him cry.

Chapter 80: He Told Me Why Anyway

  • Earlier the previous morning, Lince went looking for Adam and found him at Kristina's dad's apartment. She watched them talking and kissing from the window and waited for Adam to come out.
  • When he did, she confronted him about Kristina and told Adam to forget about her. He said that was impossible. Still high, Lince got furious and screamed at him, and the next thing he knew, she'd fallen (or jumped).
  • As of now, people are calling it a crank-induced accident. Adam wants to believe it was an accident, but feels like he should have seen it coming and stopped her.

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