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Crank Chapters 81-90

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Chapters 81-90

Chapter 81: My Brain Somersaulted

  • Kristina continues to comfort Adam, who thinks the Lince situation is all his fault. Inside, though, Kristina's kind of freaking out because she thinks she's the one to blame. 
  • Adam tells her she's wrong and that plenty of people share the blame for the accident. Still, Kristina feels like if she hadn't been passed out from drugs, she might have heard something.

Chapter 82: We Sat on the Floor

  • Lying on the floor together, Kristina and Adam talk through their feelings about the accident. Kristina finds herself simultaneously admiring Adam for still being in love with Lince while also hating the fact that he ever loved her at all. 
  • Adam needs closure with Lince and decides to go visit her at the hospital. He asks Kristina to come along, and despite her anger, she agrees.

Chapter 83: Fifteen Blocks on Foot and a Bus Ride Later

  • At the hospital, Adam lies to the nurse on duty at ICU and says he's Lince's brother and that Kristina is his fiancé. She says they've missed visiting hours, but being relatives (at least for the moment), they're allowed to go in.

Chapter 84: Lince Floated

  • Adam leaves Kristina alone in the waiting room and goes in to make peace with Lince. 
  • As she waits, Kristina thinks about how badly she needs food, a shower, Adam, and most of all, her mother. 
  • All of this just ends up making her really need the monster.

Chapter 85: Evening, When We Left

  • Adam and Kristina take the bus home and he drops her off at her dad's apartment. He doesn't kiss her when he says goodbye. 
  • Kristina wonders if there's any hope of their relationship being permanent.

Chapter 86: Dad Asked Where I'd Been

  • Look who just decided to make an appearance: Kristina's dad, who's been notably absent for the last several chapters, asks where she happened to go with Adam.
  • He's already heard about the accident. All he has to say about it, though, is that Lince is a pretty girl and that it's "hard to believe we just partied together." Really, dude?
  • Kristina goes to get something to eat from the fridge but finds nothing edible. Her dad asks if she wants to go to McDonalds, which isn't much better.

Chapter 87: One Hour

  • At dinner, Kristina and her dad eat a cholesterol festival of food and have empty conversation. 
  • Kristina feels incapable of telling her dad about the emotions she's experienced since the accident, as well as how her life has changed in just the last few days.

Chapter 88: Instead We Returned to Small Talk

  • It's easy to see why Kristina doesn't want things to get real between her and dear old Dad—he's totally uninterested in her feelings or even her life before the Albuquerque adventure. 
  • The only question he really wants an answer to is whether she and Adam have done the deed. When she says no, he gives her a look like he doesn't believe her. Kristina wonders if her mom would have.

Chapter 89: Dad Went Out

  • Kristina's dad really is totally oblivious. Completely tone-deaf to teenage girl emotions, he leaves Kristina alone to cry it out—like, snotty-nosed, big tears style. 
  • This particular brand of crying is even worse because Kristina is too apathetic to even blow her nose, so now there's snot all over her face. Um, gross.

Chapter 90: I Was Mid-Drip

  • At the worst possible time ever, Adam decides to show up. Kristina thinks about pretending she's not home and continuing to wallow in her misery (and snot), but instead she decides to wipe her face, blow her nose, and go answer the door. 
  • After all, she has to go home in two days, and it would be nice if she could leave with her relationship with Adam intact.

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