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Crank Chapters 91-100

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Chapters 91-100

Chapter 91: Okay, I Looked Awful

  • Take Kristina's frustration and confusion, multiply it by ten, and you pretty much have what Adam is feeling. They cling to each other outside the apartment and apologize.

Chapter 92: So of Course I Did a Really Stupid Thing

  • Adam takes a packet of fresh crystal meth out of his pocket and invites Kristina to share it. Kristina wants to say no, but Bree takes over and responds with a great big "Oh heck yes."
  • They get high. In the midst of her heightened emotions and state of mind, Adam asks Kristina if she is Bree or Kristina.
  • She replies that Kristina is the person people have made her into, but instead of giving into her parents' desires, she chooses to be Bree. 
  • In response, she asks Adam if he is "Buddy" or Adam. He tells her that with her, he's Adam and she is Eve. Smooth line.

Chapter 93: Adam

  • Adam and Kristina engage in heavy, drug-induced making out. Things get out of control and clothes start coming off, and Kristina thinks she's ready to escalate their relationship to sex territory.

Chapter 94: But First I Had to Pee

  • Kristina drops her pants only to realize that there's a slight problem: Her period has made an appearance. Talk about a buzz killer—especially since the drug use has made it heavier than normal. 
  • She goes back to break the news to Adam, who begs her to do it anyway and says he doesn't care. Still, Kristina's not interested in making her period a key player in her first time having sex.
  • She alludes to the fact that she has regretted not saying yes. Uh-oh… Could this mean something worse is coming?

Chapter 95: But That Day

  • Even though Bree wants to do it, Kristina still has enough morals and self-respect left to tell him no.

Chapter 96: So I Said

  • Adam gets really upset. Kristina thinks that this is really his fault, though, because he's the one who brought drugs and let things get out of hand.
  • As a compromise, he shows Kristina how to relieve his sexual pressure, and he says things are okay. At least for him, that is. Kristina still feels like something is majorly wrong.

Chapter 97: Girls Get Screwed

  • Angered by what just happened with Adam, Kristina reflects on how often guys take advantage of girls. Apparently they think it's totally acceptable to build up girls' emotions and say they love them one minute, then discard them the next.

Chapter 98: I Considered That

  • Kristina thinks about this stuff as she packs to go home. She thinks about how the suitcase is empty, just like her empty family life. She also thinks about her mom's selfish writing ambitions, her sister's unapologetic sexuality, and most of all, Lince, who is in a coma.
  • Overwhelmed by her thoughts, Kristina decides to get packing.

Chapter 99: One Day and Counting

  • On her last day in Albuquerque, Kristina gets three phone calls where no one wants to say what's really on their minds.
  • Mom calls to see if she's ready to come home, which really means she's worried Kristina will choose to say with her dad.
  • Dad calls and asks if she wants to go out to dinner, which really means that he recognizes that he hasn't spent any meaningful time with his daughter since she's been there.
  • Adam calls from the hospital to say that he wants to see her this afternoon and has a surprise, which is really code for, "Are you still on your period?" and "I have drugs."

Chapter 100: To Speed or Not to Speed

  • Kristina thinks about whether she should take Adam up on his offer. She decides that this is the last chance she has to leave Adam with a memory of her, so even though flying on drugs will probably be terrible, she decides to go for it.

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