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Crank Abandonment

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Kristina's drug use looms so large in <em>Crank</em> that we almost forget about another major problem that shapes her character: She's a neglected child. Abandoned by her father and pushed aside by her mom at the start of her second marriage, there's been a serious dearth of dependable adults in this girl's life. Things are just made worse by the fact that when the adults in her life are present, they're more concerned about meeting their own needs than caring about what's going on in her life. Girl has a gaping emotional holeā€”it's no wonder she tries to fill it.

Questions About Abandonment

  1. How does Scott change the dynamic between Kristina and her mom? Be specific, please.
  2. How would you describe Kristina's dad's attitude toward her? How does this play a role in her decision to start using drugs?
  3. Is Kristina's mom aware of the emotional damage she's caused Kristina? If so, what brings her to this realization? If not, what does this mean for Kristina?
  4. Is Kristina's mother or father more to blame for her problems? Why? Defend your claim with evidence from the book.

Chew on This

Kristina and her dad have mutually unrealistic views of each other that play a major role in setting the book's events in motion.

Kristina's distance causes Marie to feel remorse and acknowledge her neglect of her daughter.

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