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Crank Foolishness

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There's a lot to learn from Kristina's story, but one thing Hopkins definitely want you to take away from reading Crank is that doing drugs is stupid. It can eat your brain alive and make quitting next to impossible, but it can also lead to a lot of external actions that can be just as dangerous. Kristina's relationship with the monster puts her in situations that can be really bad news, and while she seems to recognize that the things she's doing aren't exactly a good idea, that knowledge doesn't keep her from acting ridiculous and endangering herself and others.

Questions About Foolishness

  1. How are the attitudes of other characters toward drug use damaging to Kristina? We're talking users and non-users alike.
  2. How does Kristina's drug use and interaction with people involved with it cause her to rewrite her views on life? What role does Bree play in this?
  3. What foolish activities and actions does drug use lead the characters to commit?
  4. What do you think Kristina's attitude is toward drugs at the end of the book? Does she recognize that her behavior was wrong? Why or why not?

Chew on This

Kristina may try drugs in an effort to liberate herself from her mom and stepdad's rigid expectations, but she quickly loses sight of this reason and becomes all about getting high for its own sake.

In the end, thile Kristina may recognize the foolishness of her addiction, she's not entirely ready to completely give it up.

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