Study Guide

Crank Lies and Deceit

By Ellen Hopkins

Lies and Deceit

Just as it's certain that the sun will come up tomorrow morning, it's pretty much a given that teenagers are going to lie to their parents (not to mention a lot of other people). This is especially true if you're a teenager living life as a good girl by day and a drug dealer by night. Throughout Crank, we see Kristina lie to pretty much everyone she knows, including the cops, who aren't buying it. And the more her web of lies grows, the harder and more uncomfortable it is for her to keep everything in check.

Questions About Lies and Deceit

  1. Is there one particular act of deception that's responsible for Kristina's downfall? Or are several lies to blame? Explain your reasoning using evidence from the text.
  2. What drives Kristina's life of deception? Is it her drug addiction? Her desire to break free from her perfect daughter persona? What starts her lying, and what keeps her doing it?
  3. How do Kristina's lies affect her relationships with other people? Be specific, please.
  4. How is Kristina's sense of identity tied to her willingness to lie? How does Bree fit into this picture?

Chew on This

Kristina's decision to become Bree is the main cause of her drug addiction.

Kristina's mother is partially responsible for Kristina's situation due to her decision to lie to herself about the changes in her daughter.

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