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Scooter in Crash

By Jerry Spinelli

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Crash's grandpa Scooter is the glue that holds the Coogan family together. Having just recently moved in with his family permanently, Scooter is in charge of making elaborate dinners and cheering on the kids in their extracurriculars. He's Crash's favorite, but you can tell the whole family loves him by how excited they are on the day he moves in.

The most awesome thing about Scooter, other than the fact that he's a former cook for the U.S. Navy who refers to everyone as "swabbie" (19.5), is his storytelling. (You haven't lived until you've heard the one about Ollie the one-armed octopus.)

That's one reason it's so sad when Scooter has a stroke and loses the ability to talk. By the end of the story, his speech hasn't returned, but we can rest assured that he's in good hands.

The Coogans love him, and Crash and his sister are happy to step up and support him. If he can't tell them stories, they'll tell stories to him instead.

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