Study Guide

Crash Chapter 19

By Jerry Spinelli

Chapter 19

  • Scooter continues to work at the stove. Crash asks how long he'll be in town. Maybe forever, Scooter says.
  • When his parents get home, Crash learns the truth: Scooter is staying for good. Everyone seems really happy about it.
  • The family sits down for stew. Mom shares a piece of good news. She's going to be working on an important project with some stores at the new mall.
  • Crash starts telling his parents about the football game, but talking about it kind of bums him out.
  • Abby is home. She's super excited to see Scooter.
  • Abby has some news of her own. She's a protester now, and she's protesting the mall. You know, the one her mom is working on. Oof.

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