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Crash Chapter 2

By Jerry Spinelli

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Chapter 2

  • It's the next day, and Crash is hanging out outside again. His little sister, Abby, is there, too.
  • Here comes Penn, saying hello to his new friend, Mergatroid (lol). Crash says his real name is actually Humphrey.
  • Penn is wearing a new button, so Crash pulls it off his shirt again. But then he doesn't know what to do with it, so he just hands it back. Smooth move, Mergatroid.
  • Penn points out the house where he lives with his family. Crash says it looks like a garage. We're starting to get the feeling this Crash guy's manners are pretty bad.
  • The boys talk about Penn's great-grandfather, who won the Penn Relays years ago. That's where Penn gets his name, by the way.
  • Penn shows Crash his turtle, Thomas. Crash grabs it and pedals off on his bike. He stops after a bit to set the turtle on the sidewalk.
  • When he gets home, Crash asks his sister if they have a great-grandfather. She doesn't know.

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