Study Guide

Crash Chapter 23

By Jerry Spinelli

Chapter 23

  • Crash has decided to take life by the reins and approach Jane directly. They're going to dance, by god.
  • Crash is maybe not the best conversationalist. He's talking a mile a minute, and it's pretty obnoxious.
  • He tries to touch Jane's face for some reason. Big mistake. She slaps his hand away.
  • Undeterred, he asks her to dance. The answer is no way. Then, she laughs in his face.
  • Crash laughs with her and then drags her to the dance floor. Hey, not cool, Crash.
  • Jane kicks Crash. Then, she yells at him. Somehow, he's still not getting the message.
  • Crash is about to grab her hand again when Penn walks up.

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