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Crash Chapter 32

By Jerry Spinelli

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Chapter 32

  • Here's what happened. Flashback to last Saturday:
  • Scooter is up in a tree, building Abby's observation post. Crash spots him outside the window, then takes a nap.
  • When Crash wakes up, he has a weird feeling. Sure enough, he looks outside the door, and there's Scooter, sitting on the ground and looking super weird.
  • Crash hears Abby scream and sees her run across the backyard as paramedics come in an ambulance to get Scooter.
  • At the hospital, Crash's parents are told that Scooter had a stroke. No one knows how bad it was or how long he'll be in the hospital.
  • The Webbs stop by one night to offer their condolences. Crash isn't particularly happy to see them. Or nice about it.
  • Crash wakes up on December 23rd and realizes he didn't buy Scooter a gift. He has a superstitious feeling that Scooter will die if he doesn't buy him a present.
  • He hops on his bike and goes to a store. Whoops, it's actually a law office.
  • He goes to another store. This time it's actually a store. Crash buys…some glittery high heels? Scooter is gonna love them, we're so sure.
  • Mission accomplished.

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