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Crash Change

By Jerry Spinelli

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Many characters in Crash go through serious upheaval over the course of the novel, while other characters don't change at all. The big transformations happen to Scooter and Crash. Scooter loses a lot of his abilities after his stroke. Crash, on the other hand, gains something: a new understanding of what's really important.

You know how sometimes people change their minds about what's important in life after a near-death experience? That's sort of what happens to Crash, except the near-death experience was Scooter's, not his own.

Questions About Change

  1. Which character changes the most over the course of the novel? Explain your answer.
  2. Why does Mrs. Coogan feel the need to change her work schedule?
  3. Compare and contrast Scooter before and after his stroke. What has changed? What has stayed the same?

Chew on This

In the world of Crash, change is a positive thing.

In the world of Crash, change is a negative thing.

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