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Crazy Rich Asians Introduction

By Kevin Kwan

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Crazy Rich Asians Introduction

In a world where money is no object and everyone has everything they can possibly afford…money is absolutely the object and no one is getting what they want. This is the world of Crazy Rich Asians.

In his 2013 debut novel, Kevin Kwan exposes the reality (er, how real is this?) of the elite Singaporean rich, rife with gossip, conniving, scandal, and rivalry. If you like reality shows like the Real Housewives or you've seen throwback episodes of The Hills, this book is right up your alley.

But richer. And dripping with jewels. And with even more petty, rich women meddling in their childrens' lives.

CRA catalogues a swirling world of people violating the principle "none of your business" as modest Nick Young bring his California-turned-New York girlfriend Rachel Chu home to Singapore to attend his best friend's wedding…and meet his family. This will be no-run-of-the-mill meet-the-parents sesh, though. Just warning you. Roll up your sleeves and take notes: it’s going to a bumpy ride.

The un-relatable lives of the Crazy Rich Asians are continued in two subsequent books: China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems. And if you're having trouble visualizing all the glitz and glam of the fashion designers mentioned throughout the book, be sure to check out the movie adaptation to see what all the name-dropping is really about.

What is Crazy Rich Asians About and Why Should I Care?

Crazy Rich Asians is just swarming with intangible name-dropping and private jets. And you know what they say: mo' money, mo' problems.

But that's not all we have going on in this novel. If you look past the bedazzled outfits and swanky transportation, what Kwan has actually distilled for readers here is the transcendent challenge of families.

And that's something we can all relate to, whether we're driving a shiny new Ferrari or a hand-me-down '98 Honda Civic. Check it:

Do you think your mom is annoying when she asks about your crush? Does your dad embarrass you when he wears his socks too high? Kwan would want you to think again. He highlights the ways in which family and money affect the up-and-coming generation of the exorbitantly wealthy, where an older generation tries to impart its value system on a generation of Westernized 30-somethings.

The great tension exists—just as it has in all of our own homes—in whether parents are truly doing what's best for their children by forcing them into their own world. Is it that they fear change? Do they truly think their way is the best or only way? Or is there something deeper behind all these meddlesome parents?

Kwan gives us a bunch of versions of the classic "too-nosy mom" character to watch in Crazy Rich Asians, so we have plenty of opportunities to compare and contrast their styles, tactics, and motivations. This novel asks us to consider whether a mother is acting in her own self-interest when she is trying to provide a life she thinks is best for her kids.

Think about that next time your parents are bugging you. (Hey, maybe Dad just wants you try the high socks too. Better ankle protection, we guess?)

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