Study Guide

Alistair Cheng in Crazy Rich Asians

By Kevin Kwan

Alistair Cheng

The youngest of the Cheng clan and cousin and friend to Nick, Alistair isn't a terrible guy. He doesn't have great judgement in people, though, and that makes us a little sad. He's a sweet guy, and doesn't engage in the debauchery at Colin's bachelor party that the other Richie riches do.

And he's in love. So in love with a young starlet (the Pentecostal minister calls her harlot, which we love) named Kitty Pong. Seriously, the name Kitty Pong makes us giggle every time we read it. After he proposes to Kitty, the older generation of his family ices him out, yet he doesn't rethink his decision.

Sweet, sweet Alistair. He essentially functions as a cautionary tale: this is why the mothers are so careful about who their sons marry. Lots of "gold-digging" women try to come around to get close to the money and care nothing for the man.