Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 1, Chapter 10

By Kevin Kwan

Part 1, Chapter 10

Eddie Cheng — Shanghai

  • Dear Edison Cheng is in Leo Ming's luxurious closet in Shanghai, drooling over the life his friend has. Jealously overcomes him when Leo shows how the closet tracks and organizes his outfits.
  • Eddie feels compelled to smash Leo's face in, a pattern of show-and-tell and jealousy rooted in their childhood.
  • Leo is spoiled-rotten by his father. Eddie believes he has "cheap" parents for not doing the same for him.
  • While Eddie's current life is enviable, there seems to be something wrong with everything: his dad's lineage is "common," he's not a doctor like his dad, his wife's dad had a scandal, and their youngest kid seems…off (1.10.6).
  • Eddie and his family live in a penthouse, have five vehicles, a yacht, a condo in Whistler, B.C. He's a member of all the right clubs, has a Canadian Permanent Residence card for his entire family, over 70 watches, is socially elite and has had three mistresses.
  • Yet…Eddie feels "extremely deprived": no house on the Peak (one of the most prestigious places to live in Hong Kong), no plane, his yacht is too small, and he has to work for his money (1.10.10).
  • Oh, Eddie, honey, we feel so sorry for you.
  • We learn how Eddie feels about his family: mostly just waiting for his grandma to "kick the bucket" (1.10.11).
  • He calls his parents selfish because they "didn't know how to flaunt their wealth properly," the biggest failure of all (1.10.12).
  • Eddie begrudges his parents everything, especially his 'poor" accommodations growing up, but he has one thing Leo doesn't: an invite to Colin's wedding.
  • Eddie, you get 0 points.