Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 1, Chapter 11

By Kevin Kwan

Part 1, Chapter 11

Rachel — New York to Singapore

  • Nick and Rachel live the pampered first-class life on their flight to Singapore. Nick tells a concerned Rachel he used frequent flier miles for the luxury. Rachel feels guilt about him using so many points.
  • After they've been escorted to a suite on the plane that can be converted from a screening room to a dinner lounge to a bedroom, Nick jokes about how this is "low-brow" by Asian hospitality standards (1.11.9).
  • They watch The English Patient at takeoff.
  • Flashback to Fall of 2008:
  • Rachel's friend Sylvia has set her up with Nick because she met him and decided he's "the one" for Rachel (1.11.19).
  • A bit stubborn about dating Asian men, Rachel bickers with Sylvia about how Nick won't be her type: professor, good-looking, Asian.
  • Rachel justifies her distaste for Asian men by saying she's been set up plenty of times, thus her "No Asian guys" policy (1.11.48).
  • Finally, Rachel agrees to the date to prove Sylvia wrong.
  • Sylvia, Rachel, and Nick all meet up at a coffee shop. Rachel stays quiet until Sylvia chastises her.
  • Nick seems not to notice this is a set-up, and seems, to Rachel, to be more interested in Sylvia. Oh, Rachel.
  • While she stews in her discontent, Rachel reflects on her bias: she got "special treatment" from Asian men that assessed her physically, socially, academically, and otherwise to determine if she is a proper "wife and bearer" of sons (1.11.60).
  • Nick does not engage in this exchange of "SATs" (social, academic, and talent aptitude assessment) and it disconcerts Rachel. She sees he's different and is pulled into a conversation with him (1.11.60).
  • Their date continues after Sylvia leaves, continues on through dinner, gelato, a walk through Washington Square Park. Ah, it's just like a romantic comedy!
  • Nick recognizes a Talking Heads song played by a troubadour in the park, revealing to Rachel that Nick could be the man she marries. Hey, we all have our signs…