Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 1, Chapter 14

By Kevin Kwan

Part 1, Chapter 14

Rachel and Nick — Singapore

  • Arrived in Singapore and greeted by Colin Khoo and Araminta Lee, Rachel takes in the beautiful people and airport. Colin notes the "whole country is an upscale tropical resort" (1.14.10).
  • Two Land Rovers wait for them, one that takes the luggage to the hotel, one that Colin drives.
  • Nick recalls going to the airport as a kid, how special it was, especially to get ice cream. Travel was different back then.
  • Colin takes the crew to get local food. Rachel and Araminta bond over Colin Firth movies. We love Uncle Jamie, too!
  • The Singaporeans bicker about which places have the best satay, since "arguing about food is the national pastime" (1.14.30).
  • At Lau Pa Sat food market, Colin orders a little bit of everything for the table, showcasing Singapore's reputation as the "true originators of fusion cuisine" (1.14.40).
  • Nick, Colin, and Araminta talk about Eleanor being "one of a kind" (1.14.55).
  • Unexpectedly, Rachel is invited to Araminta's bachelorette party, sealed with a clinking of beer glasses.
  • Nick is enamored all over again with Rachel, overcome with a surreal feeling that she's home with him, and glad she's charming his friends.
  • Rachel notices a sparkle in Nick's eyes and feels at ease.
  • When Rachel says she doesn't ever want to leave Singapore, Araminta shoots Colin a look. A look, y'all. But we don't know what it means.