Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 1, Chapter 16

By Kevin Kwan

Part 1, Chapter 16

The Gohs — Singapore

  • In the morning, Rachel takes in the splendor of her hotel and Singapore from her window.
  • She instant messages Peik Lin to make plans to see each other.
  • Peik Lin turns heads as she arrives at the hotel to pick up Rachel.
  • Nick and Peik Lin meet. As Nick walks away, Peik Lin gives her approval.
  • In a BMW, the girls go to Peik Lin's house while Peik Lin points out all the highlights of Singapore along the way.
  • Rachel recalls their time together in college: she knew Peik Lin was from money because of how she dressed for her morning classes. She showered Rachel with gifts and spa trips for years. Many didn't like Peik Lin because she wasn't ashamed of her money, but Rachel was grateful for her friend.
  • Peik Lin talks of real estate as the "national sport" in Singapore and her own involvement in flipping flats in a building for millions of dollars (1.16.24).
  • Since Rachel is an economist, she suggests the real estate frenzy is indicative of a bubble, but Peik Lin assures her the demand is real: High Net Worth Individuals from Mainland China are pouring into Singapore with "golf bags stuffed full of hard cash" (1.16.32). That's an interesting way to play golf.
  • Fun fact: only 5% of Singaporeans live in houses! Peik Lin's family is one of them and it is ornate.
  • Another fun fact: Peik Lin says in the United States her house would be a "tear down" and worth only three million dollars. In Singapore, it's worth over 30 million. Ka-ching.
  • Here we get descriptions of Villa D'Oro (Gold House) where everything is, well, gold. Things are modeled after the Palace of Versailles with Venetian mirrors everywhere and a pond in the living room floor.
  • Peik Lin's mom greets Rachel warmly, chasing three Pekingese dogs: Trump, Astor, and Vanderbilt. That's a bit on the nose, eh?
  • Rachel meets the rest of the family. Much attention is given to the clothes each family member is wearing. We'll spare the details here.
  • The family eats together, talks about the family business that all the children work for.
  • Wye Mun, Peik Lin's dad, forgets Rachel has a boyfriend and tells his son to pay more attention to her. Get that girl married into the family!
  • When Rachel mentions she'll be attending Colin Khoo's wedding, the room falls silent, but Rachel has no idea why.
  • With excitement, the family explains it's like a royal wedding: rich marrying filthy rich.
  • Araminta is a fashion icon and Colin's family own the hotel Rachel is staying in.
  • Still no one knows who Nick and his family are. Wye Mun assures Rachel, because it's his duty, that he'll make sure Nick is good enough for her.