Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 1, Chapter 17

By Kevin Kwan

Part 1, Chapter 17

Nick and Colin — Singapore

  • Old habits die hard: Nick and Colin meet up at their old alma mater coffee shop after Nick swings by Ah Ma's house.
  • Colin is funky. No, not fun funky, like bad mood funky.
  • Though he's known as a bachelor jock in the society pages, that's a façade. With Nick Colin can be his real self: full of anxiety and depression.
  • The wedding is weighing heavily on Colin. Not the marrying part. He's excited about that, but the "production" their wedding has turned into. He refers to it as a "merger" that's been choreographed by the families (1.17.19).
  • The friends are glad Araminta and Rachel hit it off.
  • Colin likes Rachel, calls her "refreshingly…American" and says people are taking bets on a wedding date (1.17.30).
  • Colin agrees with Astrid that everything will change when Rachel meets the family, asks if he thinks Rachel will be in for a shock. He tries to prepare Nick for the loss of innocence that will occur.
  • The friends discuss Nick's wealth and its potential impact on his relationship, as well as how naïve Nick is about his money.
  • Nick is uncomfortable talking about money, even with his best friend.
  • As a child he had been chastised by his aunt Victoria for asking if they were "very very rich" (1.17.47).
  • Nick is sure that money won't matter to Rachel because she's not materialistic.
  • Colin warns that all women of marriageable age (and their moms) will be trying to sabotage his relationship.
  • Placing a napkin crown on Nick's head, Colin seals his fate: "Now you are a marked man" (1.17.58).
  • Strange ritual, Colin.