Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 1, Chapter 18

By Kevin Kwan

Part 1, Chapter 18

Rachel and Peik Lin — Singapore

  • At Rachel's hotel, Rachel and Peik Lin enjoy tea and chatting about the eating culture of Singapore and the unsuspecting wealth of Colin Khoo.
  • Peik Lin explains most of the richest people in Singapore don't like to be ostentatious. The richer they are, the more they hide their wealth.
  • Rachel points out that Peik Lin's family is rich and doesn't hide their money.
  • Touché, Rachel. She says her family is a different kind of rich, not anywhere in the same realm as the Khoos.
  • Nick invites Rachel to dinner at Ah Ma's house. Peik Lin says she'll drive her to the party.
  • After Nick gives directions, Peik Lin is confused since she's never heard of the street the house is on.
  • In true Singapore style, Peik Lin presses Rachel about what she'll wear to the party since she must make the right impression.
  • Rachel's nervous. Thanks a lot, Peik Lin.
  • On their way to the party, the driver punches Tyersall Ave into the GPS, but nothing comes up. When they get to the neighborhood, it's an old British colonial 'hood. Most of the buildings are government owned or embassies. Peik Lin's interest is…piqued. (Get it? Peiked?!)
  • When they find Tyersall Park, they're greeted by a Gurkha (deadly Indian soldier, among the most dangerous in the world). He welcomes Rachel and tells the driver where to go beyond the gates.
  • More Gurkhas, another gate, and they drive through what seems like a park.
  • They pull up to what looks like a palace with all sorts of expensive cars with diplomatic flags on them.
  • Nick is waiting.
  • "These people are richer than god," says Peik Lin (1.18.74).
  • End Part One.