Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 1, Chapter 3

By Kevin Kwan

Part 1, Chapter 3

Rachel Chu — New York

  • Back in New York, Rachel catches up on the phone with her mom, Kerry, who lives in California. She lets her mom know she's been invited to go to Asia with Nick.
  • Her spidey-senses tingling, Kerry asks if Nick will propose.
  • While Rachel is excited about the possibilities, she tells her mom they haven't talked marriage yet so mom won't get her hopes up and too carried away. (Get it? Kerried away?)
  • Kerry says she knows Nick's kind and that he's ready to settle down and have all sorts of babies.
  • She gives Rachel a hard time for still being unmarried at her age and how often she has to defend Rachel from gossip around the water cooler, aka the classic guilt trip about the family giving up on her for not being married yet.
  • Kerry, at Rachel's request, agrees not to make a big deal of the trip to the rest of the family.
  • When she asks where Rachel will be staying, Kerry launches into a diatribe about knowing sleeping arrangements so as not to offend Nick's likely uptight parents. It's important that his parents think Rachel was raised properly.
  • Thanks to mom, Rachel now feels stressed about the trip.
  • Kerry suggests giving Nick's parents whisky and a make-up kit from Estée Lauder. Rachel politely declines. Everyone loves a free make-up kit!

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