Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 2, Chapter 10

By Kevin Kwan

Part 2, Chapter 10

Eddie, Fiona, and the Children — Hong Kong

  • Eddie tries on a custom tux for the Khoo wedding, but it's all too tight. He's in denial that he's put on weight and blames the suit makers. Mmhm.
  • After calling in Fiona to confirm whether the jacket is too tight, she says yes, says he put on weight. He argues with her. She falls silent.
  • Eddie asks if the kids are ready for "inspection," saying a photographer is coming over to potentially do a feature on the family in a magazine (2.10.10).
  • Fiona knew nothing of this.
  • Disapproving of what the kids are wearing for the tea ceremony after the wedding, Eddie snaps at them all until they're nearing tears.
  • After 10 minutes waiting for the children to change their clothes, Fiona has changed and Eddie says she looks "like some spinster widow," that it doesn't look expensive enough, and "it's a disgrace" to him and the kids (2.10.28-2.10.35).
  • Exasperated, Fiona tells Eddie to pick out her dress rather than continue arguing about it.
  • The photographer arrives before Fiona changes and gushes over her dress, having just photographed it for Vogue the week before.
  • Eddie, the gem, takes credit for purchasing the dress and tells her to put on some diamonds.
  • After, Eddie calls his sister to ask about her family's planned color scheme for the wedding. He lets her know she's not taking the wardrobe as seriously as he is and he criticizes her for it.
  • Cecilia does not care.
  • Ever dramatic, Eddie is furious his "whole family was going to show up looking like peasants" (2.10.62).
  • He wants to color coordinate as a whole family for the press. He tells his family's color scheme to Cecilia.
  • She claims her son has a nosebleed to get off the phone.
  • When Eddie finds out Alistair is at Colin Khoo's bachelor party, he gets so mad he splits his pants open. Teehee.