Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 2, Chapter 13

By Kevin Kwan

Part 2, Chapter 13

Rachel — Samsara Island

  • Freaked out, Rachel rushes to Sophie's villa and tells her to go back and look in her room.
  • Sophie goes, then returns, outraged.
  • Rachel wants to call security, but Sophie talks her out of it, saying it'll play into the hands of whoever did it. "They wanted to provoke you" (2.13.13).
  • Agreeing, Rachel still wants to do something, but Sophie recommends that by doing nothing, she'll show she's "stronger than they think" and "a lot classier" (2.13.15).
  • So Sophie's a high-road kind of gal.
  • Sophie mentions Astrid was right to have her look out for Rachel; Astrid was particularly worried about Rachel with this bachelorette crowd.
  • Gee, we wonder why?
  • Sophie gives us a bit more context about the allure of Nick and his family:
  • He's "the scion of this noble clan […] they are all vying to become Mrs. Nicholas Young" (2.13.21).
  • She also describes his "cloistered" upbringing, and his conditioning not to talk about family. (2.13.24).
  • Rachel reveals her views on marriage (not her life's goal) and Sophie offers that's entirely different in Singapore. "It doesn't matter how successful a woman is professionally. She isn't considered complete until she is married and has children" (2.13.30). Yikes.
  • We find out, along with Rachel, that Sophie is Colin's sister. Her mom was Astrid's dad's sister. Was.
  • Sophie and Rachel connect over being raised by one parent.
  • Rachel likes Sophie because she reminds her of Nick, her honesty and "lack of pretension" (2.13.41).

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