Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 2, Chapter 14

By Kevin Kwan

Part 2, Chapter 14

Astrid and Michael — Singapore

  • Astrid is in the hospital and her family arrives upset that she is at a "public hospital" and not in a private room (2.14.1).
  • She's been in there for two days without telling her fam and they are not happy. She tried to be discrete but Cassandra somehow found out and blabbed.
  • When Michael walks in with Cassian, Harry accosts Michael and blames him for not being at dinner and doing his "proper duty" (2.14.14).
  • At home, Astrid puts in motion a plan she hatched to confront Michael about the affair: she gets everyone out of the house, including the servants and her son.
  • When they're alone, she tells Michael why she was distracted while driving: the text message, knowing he's been in Hong Kong, and the charm bracelet.
  • Michael looks "guilty as hell" (2.14.27).
  • When Astrid asks him if he's having an affair and who the woman is, Michael apologizes for hurting her. But he doesn't answer her questions.
  • She asks about the boy in Hong Kong and the woman behind the text and charm bracelet.
  • He answered they are "beside the point" because their relationship doesn't work anymore (2.14.38). They aren't happy.
  • This is news to Astrid, the not being happy.
  • He says he's guilty and is packing to go. Astrid begs him to stay for their son.
  • Michael says two happy parents are better for Cassian.
  • Stunned, Astrid grapples with reality. Nothing went to plan. "This was just a nightmare," she thinks (2.14.51).

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