Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 2, Chapter 15

By Kevin Kwan

Part 2, Chapter 15

Nick — Macau

  • Snap to Bernard's yacht in the middle of the night. Nick is hiding in the lower hold library, scanning nautical novels (think Billy Budd).
  • Turkish buddy Mehmet joins Nick, wanting to avoid the ice cream sundaes being eaten off nude women.
  • The two discuss Colin feeling obligated to accept Bernard's offer to host this party since his dad is the largest minority investor in the Khoo company.
  • Soon enough, Colin joins, having snuck away with just a cherry. They hash through the weekend of debauchery that Bernard planned that none of them wanted.
  • Alistair joins the party with a flat white, says a girl fell overboard during oil-wrestling. (This party never gets old, does it?)
  • As the guys talk about where to get the best flat white, Colin wishes he weren't on the yacht at all.
  • Nick senses Colin sliding into a funk. He devises a plan to get them out that "won't offend anyone" (2.15.36).
  • Step one: Nick tells the yacht captain Colin has pancreatitis and he needs their coordinates to call for a medical evacuation. To force the captain's hand, Nick says he'll ruin his career and leave his dead friend's blood on his hands if he doesn't help. You go, Nick.
  • Step two: Helicopter arrives and Nick, Mehmet, and Alistair carry Colin on a stretcher onto the helicopter.
  • Step three: Lionel, Colin's cousin, tells Bernard that Colin has alcohol poisoning and to just keep partying so no one finds out that Colin got sick on Bernard's watch.
  • Step four: Bernard returns to the hot tub "without feeling guilty" (2.15.53).
  • Step five: The guys on the helicopter laugh and rejoice.
  • Where does the chopper go?
  • To Australia of course.
  • Six hours later, they're all sitting in the Australian desert looking at Ayers Rock, a sacred Aboriginal site, drinking flat whites.
  • Colin is perfectly happy with the new venue and "will never forget this" (2.15.67).
  • BFFs 4eva, y'all.