Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 2, Chapter 17

By Kevin Kwan

Part 2, Chapter 17

Rachel — Singapore

  • Back in Singapore, Rachel talks to her mom on the phone. She tries to describe the wealth of the people, including Nick's family.
  • Kerry says she suspected it.
  • Rachel admits to some culture shock.
  • Us, too, honey!
  • She leaves out the terrible parts of the weekend when talking to both her mom and Nick.
  • Concerned that Rachel hasn't met Nick's parents yet, she asks why they aren't staying at their house. "There were so many little signs that her Americanized daughter did not understand" (2.17.32).
  • Red flags!!
  • Kerry doesn't buy Rachel's explanation and is afraid Nick is ashamed of Rachel or that "the parents had forbidden him to bring her home" (2.17.33).
  • She warns Rachel not to give his parents flowers. Instead she recommends mandarin oranges and bowing deeply as "gestures of respect" (2.17.37).
  • Finally, she adds that Rachel must behave like a "properly brought-up Chinese girl" (2.17.41).
  • Rachel cracks a joke but is nervous about the dinner.

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