Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 2, Chapter 18

By Kevin Kwan

Part 2, Chapter 18

The Youngs — Singapore

  • Nick's parents live in a sleek yet historical hybrid building. The original owner was a friend of Su Yi's.
  • Nick and Rachel talk about gifts for Chinese New Year (hong bao) and how Nick's parents took his from him as a kid. Rachel is appalled.
  • Greeted with critique from Eleanor as soon as they walk in the door, Nick introduces Rachel as his girlfriend. Eleanor pretends she knows nothing of her, despite all the intel she's gotten.
  • Rachel, awe-struck by Eleanor's beauty and timelessness, bows with the basket of oranges.
  • Eleanor accepts the oranges "graciously" but thinks rude thoughts about Rachel (2.18.11).
  • Not so gracious, really.
  • Nick and Eleanor argue about the food spots he has taken Rachel.
  • Insert description of the penthouse here: lots of designer name drops and details about furniture and furnishings.
  • Nick is upset that Eleanor has invited others to join the dinner: "reinforcements" as Eleanor thinks of them (2.18.23).
  • This is classic last-minute Eleanor behavior.
  • Nick and Rachel go wake up his dad who Rachel instantly likes.
  • And, surprise! It's Astrid coming to grab them for dinner!
  • Eleanor's friends swarm Rachel, and Daisy is the only person in the house to give Nick a hug. Nadine and Francesca arrive, Francesca pretending as if she and Rachel were besties.
  • She drops an ugly line about a "fish course" at the bachelorette party and Rachel is suddenly suspicious (2.18.49).
  • We see a lot of kissing up from Francesca, trying to find out Astrid's dress designer and complimenting every bit of Eleanor's apartment.
  • Everyone gathers to eat in the kitchen. While they eat, Rachel asks about a flavor, guesses it, and Eleanor jealously thinks "Show off" (2.18.64).
  • Daisy is impressed with Rachel.
  • Francesca lobs an insult at Rachel and Rachel volleys with a jab about gutting fish.
  • Insert an extended metaphor about endangered fish and fishermen from outside the area needing to respect the environment. Got it, Francesca. You think Nick is your turf.
  • Lorena gets annoyed with Francesca dominating the conversation and turns the convo to Rachel. Yikes.
  • The women launch questions at Rachel, like how much money she makes, would she ever work in Asia.
  • Rachel senses the loaded question and responds with "if the right opportunity came along" (2.18.85).
  • Looks are exchanged around the table.
  • After dinner, Astrid excuses herself to leave. Nick checks on her and she lies, hoping to catch Michael before he leaves from tucking in Cassian.
  • Shortly after Nick and Rachel leave, Eleanor accuses Rachel of sizing up the entire flat.
  • Philip defends Rachel by saying she was complimenting Eleanor's décor. (Side note: wasn't Francesca doing the same thing?)
  • Philip found Rachel to be pleasant, careful not to incite Eleanor's jealousy by saying how pretty Rachel is. Daisy agrees with Philip.
  • Francesca waits until Philip leaves before lying about Rachel's behavior at the bachelorette weekend to make her look like a gold digger.
  • She offers to help send Rachel "packing" (2.18.105).
  • Eleanor doesn't think she needs to pull her Shenzhen card yet…
  • End Part Two.

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