Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 2, Chapter 4

By Kevin Kwan

Part 2, Chapter 4

Rachel and Nick — Tyersall Park

  • It is announced that the flowers are about to bloom. Nick sneaks Rachel through a shortcut to the courtyard before anyone gets there.
  • They kiss.
  • It is said that witnessing tan huas blooming is a "once-in-a-lifetime event" (2.4.16).
  • There is discussion of a family friend, Jacqueline Ling: she is beautiful, disarming, and the granddaughter of a revered philanthropist.
  • According to Oliver, Shang Su Yi (Ah Ma) had wanted Jacqueline to marry Nick's dad, but he fell in love with Eleanor first.
  • Oliver then warns Rachel about treading "extra carefully around Eleanor" because she "maintains a rival court" (2.4.40).
  • Everything is so ominous with this family!
  • Jacqueline is talking to Nick about her daughter Amanda who is also in NYC, wondering why he hasn't spent more time with her.
  • He asserts that she has a boyfriend, though Jacqueline disapproves of him and wants Nick to look out for her.
  • Jacqueline sees Oliver and Rachel together and tells Nick to warn Rachel about what a "vicious gossip" he is (2.4.52).
  • Meanwhile, Astrid and Rachel are waiting for the flowers to bloom. Nick joins them with tea and cake.
  • The flowers open.
  • Nick talks to Ah Ma about Rachel. She tells him Cassandra thinks Nick will get trapped by Rachel.
  • Nick and Ah Ma agree he won't get trapped and she invites them to stay at her house.
  • Blessing received.
  • In a dark room, Jacqueline chews out her daughter over the phone and tells her she must come back for Colin's wedding.
  • Oliver lurks, overhears, and Jacqueline calls him out.
  • The two trade insults about Jacqueline trying to get her daughter married into the Young family because she missed her own opportunity.
  • Side note: these two are related. Oliver's mother is Jacqueline's cousin.
  • As she watches the flowers bloom, Rachel feels serene and wonders if life will always be this good.
  • The flowers wilt into "spent, lifeless petals" (2.4.92).
  • Hm, something doesn't feel good about that last image.

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