Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 2, Chapter 8

By Kevin Kwan

Part 2, Chapter 8

Rachel — Singapore

  • Rachel arrives at a private terminal for Araminta's bachelorette party. All the women look professionally done up and Rachel listens to conversations about shopping, real estate, and money money money.
  • When Araminta arrives all done up, she hugs Rachel, intros her to the group as Nick's guest, and all eyes are on Rachel.
  • The destination is Araminta's mum's private island resort in east Indonesia. Good luck finding that on a map!
  • On the Lee family private jet, once a part of a Moscow oligarch's collection, Rachel walks in on girls talking about her, but fails to notice.
  • Oblivious, party of one!
  • The girls are all about the opulence and encounters with attractive men.
  • Rachel excuses herself and buckles into a chair next to a woman named Parker. When Parker discovers Rachel is not of the Taipei Plastics Chus, she excuses herself to go tell the rest of the group.
  • Nadine's daughter Francesca is there and says she knows enough about Rachel to "sink a ship" (2.8.35).
  • When the plane lands, the group catamarans to a new island, greeted by men with mojitos.
  • Welcome to Samsara, "the paradise dreamed up by Araminta's hotelier mother, Annabel Lee" (yes, we love the Poe reference, too!).
  • A shopping spree has been arranged where each girl can pick five new outfits, on the house, but they only have 20 minutes to do it.
  • The girls go bonkers, squealing and fighting over outfits. We see the caliber of character as Francesca complains about "no-name designers" (2.8.44).
  • Araminta reveals to Rachel that Francesca once was a nobody before her grandfather had a stroke and the rest of the family got control of the money.
  • Because Araminta encourages it, Rachel picks out a few simple items.
  • In the dressing room, Rachel overhears girls gossiping about her poor taste.
  • As she runs out of the dressing room, she bumps into Araminta again and they discuss Astrid's outfit at Ah Ma's the night before.
  • The items Rachel was going to get disappear.
  • When she gets to her personal villa, she wonders what Nick's experience is like at that moment.