Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 2, Chapter 9

By Kevin Kwan

Part 2, Chapter 9

Nick — Macau

  • Nick arrives at the airport in Macau greeted by Bernard Tai, son of Carol Tai, and his entourage of ostentatious cars.
  • Commence the name-dropping of the young money as they compare their planes — attendees of this party appear to be more Bernard's crew than Colin's.
  • Bernard takes the crew to Macau's old town, offering a secret password in an apothecary shop ("ginseng royal jelly") and they walk into a dogfighting arena (2.9.14).
  • Wait, what?
  • Colin and his buddies are uncomfortable. Once Colin says he's not into it, they leave to Bernard's disgust.
  • At the hotel, Bernard puts up a scene in the hotel lobby because their rooms aren't ready, dropping slurs left and right.
  • Colin suggests wasting time in the casino to avoid any further scenes.
  • True to form, Bernard demands the best VVIP gambling salons for his crew.
  • Nick's cousin Alistair arrives and there is brief discussion of his lady Kitty Pong.
  • Bernard is frustrated no one is interested in the VVIP rooms and everyone wants to gamble on the main floor.
  • Flashback to 1986 Singapore with Nick face down in a ditch, Bernard standing over him.
  • Someone else witnessed the event and tells Bernard to back off.
  • When Bernard's car pulls up, he threatens to do "part two" to Nick the next day (2. 9.79).
  • The kid "who had come to Nick's rescue" asks him if he's okay and gives him a handkerchief for his bloody elbow (2.9.80).
  • This kid is Colin Khoo.
  • Apparently Bernard is mad at Nick because Nick told the teacher he was trying to cheat off of him.
  • Colin admits he's nice to Bernard only because his parents told him to be.
  • The two boys bond over liking Sylvester Stallone and sucking at speaking Mandarin.
  • When Colin's grandma shows up, she offers Nick a ride. She knows the family, says that they are practically family, and insists on taking him home.
  • She asks Nick if he knew his mother was going out of town. He did not.
  • She silently chastises Eleanor for her irresponsibility and can't understand how Shang Su Yi let her son marry Eleanor.
  • The boys are friends and the rest is history.