Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 3, Chapter 1

By Kevin Kwan

Part 3, Chapter 1

Tyersall Park — Singapore

  • Nick and Rachel return to Tyersall Park together, Nick telling stories and pointing out the childhood memories along the way, especially those with Colin.
  • When they arrive, Ah Ma is on a ladder putting plastic bags over each star fruit on her tree, doing it herself rather than allowing her gardeners to do it.
  • They are seated inside the greenhouse full of orchids while an expanse of food is brought to them.
  • Rachel asks about Su Yi's tea custom. Su Yi reveals it was served for British guests as they didn't like Chinese food. This soon became the norm for her family.
  • Su Yi talks of the great strength of China, that "the future is in Asia. Nick's place" is in Asia (3.1.39).
  • There's a slight argument between Nick and Ah Ma about when and if he returns to Asia; she complains about him being "too seduced by Western ways" (3.1.41).
  • Rachel notes the irony of this complaint as they sit in this Westernized colonial palace. Touchè, Rachel!
  • Nick excuses himself to allow Rachel and Ah Ma time alone to talk.
  • Not wasting any time, Su Yi asks about Rachel's "people," where they come from, her mother, and who supported who (3.1.45).
  • Ominously, Su Yi talks of her father's gift for knowing a person's "future based on their faces" (3.1.55). She tells Rachel, "I see your face" (3.1.55).
  • Nick returns before Rachel could ask what in the world that means.
  • Like a tornado, Eddie arrives, kissing Ah Ma's hands.
  • Classic Ah Ma: she smacks him and calls him a bother.