Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 3, Chapter 11

By Kevin Kwan

Part 3, Chapter 11

Residences at One Cairnhill — Singapore

  • The phone rings as Eleanor is sitting down to her breakfast. She expects it to be a family member asking for money, but it's Daisy.
  • Daisy tells her she has "breaking news" (3.11.4)!
  • Eleanor hopes it's news of Nick and Rachel's breakup since Francesca "had winked at her during the fireworks" and whispered "It's done" (3.11.5).
  • Big News: Nadine's father-in-law woke up from his coma of six years!
  • While Eleanor is on the phone, Nick arrives.
  • Again she assumes it's because he and Rachel are through.
  • Instead, he tells his mom he intends to propose to Rachel.
  • He says he must correct what Francesca had done; Eleanor plays dumb, her mind racing with all sorts of rage at Francesca.
  • Eleanor gets direct: Rachel can "never be" his wife because she isn't suitable and not from the right background (3.11.36).
  • Nick calls out her prejudice against Mainland Chinese people.
  • Trying a new angle, Eleanor says Ah Ma will never accept Rachel. She tells Nick to "give her up now, before things go any further" (3.11.52).
  • When Nick is still unswayed, she threatens his inheritance, says she has scarified her whole life for him and it'll ruin all their lives if he marries Rachel.
  • After Nick storms out, Eleanor prepares to go to Tyersall Park.