Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 3, Chapter 12

By Kevin Kwan

Part 3, Chapter 12

Wuthering Towers — Hong Kong

  • Astrid wakes to a large prepared breakfast and is told when she's done to go see Charlie at his work.
  • Choosing to walk to Wuthering Towers through Hong Kong's central district, she takes in the sights of the bustling city.
  • A man takes her up to Charlie's office.
  • Another man, Mr. Lui, has already tracked down Michael: He's been in an apartment in Mong Kok since last night.
  • Astrid is shown images of Michael and a woman who seems familiar.
  • Astrid then realizes this woman was in her group photos at her wedding.
  • Mr. Lui is still compiling information on the woman, but he knows the boy is four years old.
  • Knowing Michael is alone in the flat, Astrid wants to go see him.
  • As she drives to Michael's, she tries to figure out why he married her if this affair has been going on the whole time they were married. Since all her money is tied up and secure from Michael, she's unsure what he wants.
  • Her car pulls up alongside a couple in a Rolls Royce. As she takes in their appearance and how they're slouched away from each other, she wonders if they are happy.
  • She arrives at his flat.
  • Michael opens the door: "Let me guess. Your father hired these goons to track me down" (3.12.37).