Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 3, Chapter 13

By Kevin Kwan

Part 3, Chapter 13

Cameron Highlands — Malaysia

  • As Nick and Rachel drive up the coast, Rachel begins to relax, feeling like there's some distance between her and the bad stuff.
  • They stop on a beach where Nick speaks in Malay to a little boy and his mother selling nasi lemak, Malaysia's most popular dish.
  • After Nick downplays the fact that he speaks Malay, Rachel calls him out for downplaying everything. He says he was "trained to speak precisely and never to be boastful" (3.13.31).
  • Rachel asks how wealthy his family is since he says they're not "that" wealthy. She presses him despite his discomfort because she wants to know how much gold she's "digging for" (3.13.33).
  • We dig the snark, Rachel.
  • We find out Nick really has no concept of his family's wealth, but he resents the "idle rich" who gossip about his money (3.13.41).
  • Rachel is more comfortable with things now that Nick opened up a little and she realizes it truly doesn't change how they live in New York.
  • As they continue to drive up a steep and winding road, Nick is nervous about getting to their destination before sunset, as it would ruin his engagement plans.
  • At the end of the winding road is his Ah Ma's summer lodge.
  • As Nick walks Rachel through the house, he sees his mother's chauffer.
  • Su Yi is there, too.
  • Oh boy.
  • Su Yi says she heard "disturbing" news that Nick was going to propose to Rachel (3.13.76).
  • There goes that surprise. Sorry, Rachel.
  • Ah Ma straight up says she does not give her permission.
  • Ouch.
  • Nick apologizes but says it changes nothing.
  • Still in front of Rachel, Su Yi proclaims that Rachel does not come from a proper family.
  • Ouch again.
  • As Rachel turns to leave, Nick asks her to stay to hear him defend her to his family.
  • Eleanor pulls the Shenzhen card:
  • Rachel's father is still alive.
  • Wait, what?
  • Rachel is stunned.
  • Ever skeptical Eleanor thinks Rachel is faking it.
  • She then says he's in a prison and she met him herself.
  • Revealing the dossier with Rachel's birth certificate, a clipping of Zhou Fang's (her father) sentencing after he caused an industrial accident, and a reward for turning in her mother for kidnapping her.
  • Uhh…
  • Su Yi casually calls the idea of bringing Rachel into her family "disgraceful" and asks for more sugar for her tea (3.13.105).
  • Livid, Nick blurts that he finally understands why his dad moved to Sydney: he can't stand being around his mother!
  • Su Yi is stunned.
  • Rachel faints.

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