Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 3, Chapter 19

By Kevin Kwan

Part 3, Chapter 19

The Star Trek House — Singapore

  • Daisy calls Eleanor, telling her to come to Carol Tai's house where a Pentecostal preacher is smashing Chinese antiques as false idols. What?
  • Bernard is running off "to Vegas to marry some pregnant soap-opera harlot who pretends to be from Taiwan" and the preacher blames it all on "these idols" (3.19.3).
  • Carol's friends assemble to save any decorative objects at risk.
  • When Nadine arrives, Eleanor mistakes her for a maid. She isn't wearing her typical hair, make-up, or jewelry.
  • When Nadine's father-in-law woke up, he took back control of the money, froze their bank accounts, and is making them repay all they took over the last six years.
  • (Stifling a snicker)
  • Nadine says they will just wait him out again. But Francesca is "really suffering" (3.19.19). She can't afford her lifestyle on her lawyer's salary. "She thinks we should have pulled the plug on the old man when we had the chance." (3.19.19).
  • We are not surprised at all Francesca said this.
  • The women lament their poor fortunes, but Nadine says at least they stopped Nick and Rachel.
  • Eleanor says it wasn't worth it since Nick has cut off the entire family.
  • She spent her life positioning Nick to be Ah Ma's favorite grandson: since Su Yi never approved of Eleanor, she let Su Yi be closer to Nick.
  • Ohhhh.
  • As the preacher descends on the bedroom, the ladies scatter with antique-filled shopping bags.