Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 3, Chapter 3

By Kevin Kwan

Part 3, Chapter 3

Partic's — Singapore

  • The next morning, Peik Lin and Rachel are breakfasting and Rachel tells her everything about the night at the Leong house and Tyersall Park, like having a maid dedicated solely to her.
  • When Peik Lin finds out Rachel has only one outfit for the wedding day [gasp], Peik Lin insists Rachel needs at least three outfits because it'll be "the grandest event of the decade" (3.3.15).
  • Off to Patric's they go.
  • Patric personally selects gown for Rachel to try on.
  • When Rachel mentions her concerns about no price tags (read: expensive), Peik Lin assures her she need not worry.
  • Peik Lin reads an article in the Singapore Tattle about all the Richie riches who will be at the wedding.
  • After a montage of stunning dresses are tried on, Peik Lin wraps up a whole rack for Rachel and tells her to save her money for souvenirs. Such a good friend!
  • In another room at Patric's, we find Jacqueline Ling and her daughter.
  • Jacqueline is lacing her daughter into a corset, a little too tightly.
  • The two bicker about how Amanda has been wasting her time in New York: the purpose was to bag Nick, not to become a part of NYC society.
  • Jacqueline reminds her daughter that she will inherit nothing.
  • Tighten that corset, boys!