Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 3, Chapter 4

By Kevin Kwan

Part 3, Chapter 4

First Methodist Church — Singapore

  • Because Nick left early for the wedding, Rachel catches a ride with Nick's aunts and uncles. The paparazzi swarm upon arrival.
  • Rachel is dismissed as "some rich socialite" while the photographers shift their focus to Eddie and Fiona's family (3.4.7).
  • A newscaster interviews Eddie about his fashionable crew.
  • Dr. Malcolm is unimpressed that Eddie gets so much attention for his clothes when he's the heart surgeon.
  • Rachel initially felt overdressed compared to Nick's aunts, but the opulence of the other guests makes her feel better.
  • Victoria Young is indignant about being told where to sit in her church.
  • Annabel Lee decorated the interior of the church to create a "vaulted forest floating just above everyone's heads" (3.4.21).
  • Victoria's review: "That Annabel woman has transformed the church into one of her ghastly hotel lobbies!" (3.4.23)
  • Guests sit wherever they please, ignoring the seating assignments, based on "ancient rivalries among Asia's old-guard families" (3.4.24).
  • Oliver sits next to Rachel and offers "running commentary on the arriving VIP guests" (3.4.28).
  • Nadine and Daisy gossip about the guests. Nadine waits for Alistair and Kitty Pong to be rejected by the Youngs.
  • Alas, she was "greeted cordially" (3.4.34).
  • Wisely, Daisy says the family is "far too classy to make a public show out of it" (3.4.35).
  • Eleanor arrives, sees Rachel, and assumes she's using Nick's money to furnish her wardrobe.
  • The church suddenly falls silent as Astrid and Shang Su Yi walk in. She "hasn't been seen at a public function like this in decades" (3.4.46).
  • The wife of the president of Singapore bows to Su Yi—Oliver shares that her family was saved by Su Yi's during WWII.
  • Fun fact: Su Yi's dress is made of lotus flower stems.
  • The wedding of the century begins: the Vienna Boys Choir makes an appearance, as does Charlie Siem the violinist, and Araminta enters looking resplendent.
  • Another fun fact: Valentino came out of retirement to make Araminta's gown.
  • Annabel "reveled in her family's social triumph" (3.4.68).
  • We find out Astrid coaxed Su Yi to come to the wedding so people wouldn't notice Michael wasn't there.
  • Mission accomplished.
  • Eddie tries to figure out which uncle can make good business contacts for him.
  • When Colin sees Araminta, he feels it was all worth it and he tells Nick so.
  • Heart filled with joy, Nick spots Rachel in the crowd and realizes he wants her as his bride. He mouths, "I love you" to her (3.4.74).
  • Eleanor sees this and panics: "no time to lose" (3.4.75).
  • And the most romantic award goes to Araminta:
  • Her one thought as she stands next to her husband-to-be: Astrid "couldn't even be bothered to wear a new dress" to the wedding (3.4.76).