Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 3, Chapter 5

By Kevin Kwan

Part 3, Chapter 5

Fort Canning Park — Singapore

  • The reception after the wedding looks like a giant tea party, described by Oliver as "the Mad Hatter's tea party or Marie Antoinette on a bad acid trip" (3.5.4).
  • We like Oliver.
  • Oliver and Cassandra discuss the amount of money spent on everything, including "this ridiculous reception" (3.5.11).
  • Nick arrives with champagne and they discuss Araminta's dress before Nick whisks Rachel away.
  • We now get a glimpse inside Kitty Pong's head!
  • She is finally excited about Singapore, feeling the rest of her trip had been disappointing: they're staying in a regular room at a hotel, Alistair's aunt is not as rich as Kitty had been led to believe, and Alistair's mom is "dowdy" (3.5.26).
  • Scanning the crowd, she wants to be introduced to Ah Ma's friend covered in diamonds. Turns out she's a Malay princess and a big fan of Kitty's.
  • Alistair's mom sees them coming, is totally mortified, and tries to get the guards to keep any more guests from entering the gazebo.
  • When Kitty starts yelling and waving, Su Yi sees the scene and Cassandra announces that is Alistair and his girlfriend.
  • Su Yi wants to meet her.
  • To Ah Ma's surprise, Alistair introduces Kitty as his fiancée.
  • A total class act, Kitty ignores Ah Ma and curtsies to the sultana instead.
  • The sultana recognizes Kitty and gifts a diamond ring to Kitty as congrats for her engagement.
  • Awkward.
  • Nick and Rachel walk through the park to a gatehouse built at a British fort.
  • Nick calls it his hideout and shows her the upstairs and Chinese characters "written with blood" on the walls (3.5.77).
  • Nonchalantly, Nick announces this is where he had his first kiss.
  • And then Nick gets all serious and wants to tell Rachel what he thought when he saw her in church (cue wedding bells, y'all!).
  • Suddenly they're interrupted by Amanda Ling, who calls Nick "Nico" a few too many times (3.5.89).
  • Amanda's there with Zvi, her jet-set boyfriend, to show him where she received her first kiss and, would you look at that, there's the boy who gave it to her!
  • Rachel finds out Amanda lives in NYC and has "nagging thoughts" about why Nick never told her about this woman before (3.5.103).
  • Mandy points out "Nico and Mandi carved into the rock, joined by an infinity symbol" (3.5.105).