Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 3, Chapter 6

By Kevin Kwan

Part 3, Chapter 6

Tyersall Park — Singapore

  • Back at her house, Su Yi is "doling out jewelry again" to prevent fighting when she dies (3.6.1).
  • She gives a necklace to Fiona to wear to the wedding banquet that night, saying she should keep it and make sure it gets passed to her daughter eventually.
  • While they talk jewelry, Su Yi changes the subject to discuss "that starlet," Kitty Pong (3.6.15).
  • Insisting that because Kitty is of "questionable lineage," Alistair needs to "break off the engagement immediately" (3.6.30).
  • Alexandra deflects the conversation to Nick and Rachel, which Su Yi laughs off as "a pretty girl that Nicky's having fun with" (3.6.36).
  • Ouch, sorry, Rachel.
  • Su Yi's confident Nick has "no intentions" and he'd get her approval first (3.6.38).
  • With that, Su Yi calls Oliver to help put an end to Kitty Pong.
  • No, not like murder! Well, we don't think.
  • Back at Tyersall Park, Nick assures Rachel that Mandy was "puppy love" and they are just "old friends" (3.6.46).
  • It's okay, Rachel, those lines have never made us feel better either.
  • Still, Rachel felt a "territorial vibe from Mandy" and is cautious (3.6.47).
  • As they head downstairs, Eddie's son Augustine sprints past them, terrified because he spilled orange Fanta on his dad's suit.
  • Nick promises to protect Augustine, laughing.
  • At the bottom of the stairs, Eddie is yelling at the laundry maids about getting the stain out immediately. When he sees Augustine, he screams at him, and begins to "storm up the stairs" (3.6.76).
  • As Eddie yells at his wife and says their son ruined their fashion statement, Fiona exclaims that Eddie caused this all, it's frivolous, and she and the kids won't be riding with Eddie to the wedding.
  • Fiona gives her choker (that's right, the one from Ah Ma) to Rachel to borrow for the night. She won't "be wearing a single piece of jewelry" as she has "nothing to prove to anyone" (3.6.89).
  • You go, Fiona!