Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 3, Chapter 7

By Kevin Kwan

Part 3, Chapter 7

Pasir Panjang Road — Singapore

  • All the old esteemed guests are unimpressed with the wedding banquet that is breaking tradition in a large warehouse.
  • The warehouse doors open and reveal ferries in the harbor.
  • All aboard!
  • Astrid intentionally rides a ferry without any of her relatives to avoid more questions about Michael. Charlie Wu, her ex-fiancée, finds her instead.
  • As they catch up, Astrid regrets how she treated Charlie, but she couldn't handle the pressure from her family back then.
  • The ferries approach an island with "a crystal palace glowing in the middle of a dense forest" (3.7.28).
  • Araminta and Colin await their guests, while Araminta is again disappointed she went "to all this trouble" and Astrid "doesn't even bother to make the effort. What's the whole […] point of this wedding?" (3.7.41).
  • True love?
  • Oliver sidles up to Kitty Pong to talk about how cheap Alistair's mom is, how shabby their home is, and how frugal she dresses to save money. After all, their only savings went to educate their kids, and what is left will go to Eddie.
  • As a gentleman would, he ends with how lucky Kitty would be to be with Alistair. "That's worth all the money in the world, isn't it?" (3.7.62).