Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 3, Chapter 8

By Kevin Kwan

Part 3, Chapter 8

Pulau Samsara — Off the southern coast of Singapore

  • The banquet hall is assumed to be a part of Annabel Lee's newest eco-resort. Foo whispers about the island being haunted "with ghosts of the war dead" (3.8.5).
  • The dinner is a strange molecular fusion cuisine with pink ginseng bubbles over bowls of soup.
  • Eleanor is furious to see Rachel in Su Yi's choker, not knowing it was gifted to Fiona.
  • She moves closer to Victoria, compliments her necklace from Su Yi, which annoys Victoria and prompts her to think Eleanor is just like all her other Sung sisters: "vain and materialistic" (3.8.20).
  • Delightfully, Victoria lets Eleanor drive herself crazy thinking about the necklace Rachel is wearing.
  • When Eleanor mentions Rachel's "dubious family background," Victoria says that's just old-fashioned stuff and compliments all the things Rachel is that Eleanor isn't: educated, down-to-earth, and fluent in Mandarin (3.8.25 and 3.8.26).
  • In a panic, Eleanor grabs Francesca and tells her the family is in love with Rachel.
  • Francesca assures her that "after tonight, Rachel Chu will wish she had never set foot on this island!" (3.8.38).
  • Dun dun dun.
  • After dinner, the "Barbara Streisand of Asia," Tracy Kuan, comes out to perform (3.8.41).
  • Colin and Araminta dance to "I Will Always Love You," the Tracy Kuan-does-Dolly Parton version.
  • During the dance, Oliver enlists Cecilia to keep Alistair distracted while he cuts in on Alistair and Kitty.
  • Once he gets Kitty next to Bernard Tai, he switches partners with Bernard.
  • As Bernard stares at Kitty's chest, Oliver whispers that Bernard is the only heir to a four billion dollar fortune.
  • Seeing Astrid step away from the party, Charlie Wu can't help himself and follows her.
  • They talk about how different it was to be young and wealthy when they were, well, young and wealthy.
  • Charlie shares that his marriage is in trouble, and Astrid tells him about Michael and his supposed other family in Hong Kong.
  • Charlie says they will go to Hong Kong to find out for sure.
  • Right now.
  • Elsewhere, Colin and Nick talk, Colin thanks Nick, and Nick admits he's ready to ask Rachel to marry him.
  • Colin is excited for his buddy and wants their kids to grow up together.
  • As everyone waits for a major fireworks display (by none other than the guy who did the Beijing Opening Ceremony), Rachel and Sophie Khoo catch up.
  • In walks Francesca.
  • Curiosity getting the better of her, Rachel asks Mandy why she calls Nick "Nico".
  • She tells of a summer in Capri when he got so tan the Italian kids called him Nico. "And I was his Mandi," she adds (3.8.111).
  • Francesca calls out her weak attempt to bully Rachel; Mandy storms off.
  • Then Francesca tells the group Mandy made a "pathetic attempt at inciting jealousy," then mentions she, Mandy, and Nick had a threesome in Capri, making all sorts of graphic comments to Rachel (3.8.115 and 3.8.124).
  • Nick arrives to announce the fireworks are about to begin.
  • Bad timing, dude.