Study Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Part 3, Chapter 9

By Kevin Kwan

Part 3, Chapter 9

99 Conduit Road — Hong Kong

  • Astrid and Charlie arrive in Hong Kong. Charlie's childhood maid is excited to see Astrid and Charlie insists on secrecy.
  • They talk about his change in art tastes (thanks to Astrid) and how much he enjoys his life in the Mid-Levels of Hong Kong.
  • He leaves Astrid to sleep in his bedroom, though she struggles to fall asleep thinking about the boy who opened her to a whole new world (no, not Aladdin).
  • Flashback to Paris, 1995:
  • Charlie is excited to introduce Astrid to the posh world he had grown up in. They are 18, in love, and "she would be his forever" (3.9.25).
  • While he runs for camera batteries, Charlie sends Astrid into a boutique. She wanders the store, asks how much to have a dress fit for her, and the woman assumes Astrid can't afford it.
  • She leaves, bumping into Charlie on the way out, telling him the lady doesn't want to sell her anything.
  • Indignant (as any 18-year-old with money would be), Charlie tells her she needs to stand up for herself, and walks back into the store.
  • A second store clerk has emerged and neither of them want to help the "scrawny teenager with a bad case of acne" (3.9.49).
  • What does Charlie do?
  • He calls his banker and tells them to call the boutique and let them know he can afford any and everything in the store.
  • The phone rings, the clerk is berated by the designer himself who will be coming to oversee Astrid's fitting.
  • Charlie insists Astrid buy 20 things to prove a point and get respect.
  • Their time in Paris taught Astrid that "spending money the Charlie Wu way was […] better than sex" (3.9.60).