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Crime and Punishment Epilogue, Part 1

By Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Epilogue, Part 1

  • "Siberia. On the banks of a broad solitary river stands a town, one of the administrative centres of Russia; in the town there is a fortress, in the fortress there is a prison."
  • Raskolnikov has been in Siberia for about eight months, and it's been about 18 months since he killed the women. Let's jump back in time to see what happened to Raskolnikov after confessing.
  • The trial goes smoothly: because Raskolnikov confessed and was thought to have been under the influences of insanity and physical illness, his sentence is relatively mild.
  • They call character witnesses, including Razumihin, who reveals that in addition to the acts of kindness we've already heard about, Raskolnikov spent all his money helping another student, who was sick.
  • Plus, Raskolnikov rescued not one but two little kids from a burning building and has the burns to prove it.
  • Raskolnikov is sentenced to eight years in prison in Siberia.
  • Pulcheria becomes sick and is deeply troubled. Dounia and Razumihin try to keep everything from her and talk about Raskolnikov as little as possible. They even move her out of town while the trial is going on.
  • "Five months after Raskolnikov's confession," he goes to jail, there in St Petersburg.
  • At the St. Petersburg jail, Sonia and Razumihin visit him. He barely speaks to Sonia.
  • Just before he leaves for Siberia, Razumihin tells Raskolnikov that he and Dounia are going to be together. They plan to save money for five years, then move to Siberia to be with Sonia and Raskolnikov.
  • Raskolnikov is racked with worry over Dounia and Pulcheria.
  • Soon, he leaves for Siberia, with Sonia just behind him.
  • Dounia and Razumihin get married about two months later, making Pulcheria very happy. Pulcheria, however, is still very sick and soon dies.
  • Raskolnikov doesn't know about his mother's death for quite some time, even though Sonia, Razumihin, and Dounia corresponded regularly, with Sonia giving very factual accounts of everything that is going on in Siberia.
  • Apparently, Raskolnikov is fairly healthy.
  • He pretty much ignores Sonia.
  • She's found work sewing and has made some friends. She doesn't tell Razumihin and Dounia that her friends are helping Raskolnikov have an easier time in prison.
  • Dounia and Razumihin get a letter from Sonia saying that Raskolnikov is having problems with the other prisoners and that he's stopped talking.
  • He gets so sick they have to take him to the prison hospital.

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