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Crime and Punishment Part 3, Chapter 1

By Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Part 3, Chapter 1

  • Raskolnikov revives and sits up. Weakly, he signals Razumihin to stop his mother, Pulcheria Alexandrovna, from gushing all over him.
  • He holds his mother's and sister's hands and stares at his mother.
  • She gets frightened because her son seems both intensely emotional and almost insane.
  • Pulcheria begins to cry. Raskolnikov's sister, Avdotya Romanovna (Dounia), starts to shake a little.
  • Raskolnikov, weak, asks his mother and sister to let Razumihin take them to their rooms.
  • His mother says, no way, I have to stay with my baby.
  • "Don't torture me!" he tells her.
  • Razumihin steps in, saying he'll look after Raskolnikov and that his uncle can watch out for the ladies.
  • Raskolnikov whines for them to all please go away.
  • Dounia, Razumihin, and Pulcheria decide to go out in the hall to discuss the matter.
  • Raskolnikov stops them, wanting to know if they've seen Luzhin yet.
  • They haven't but have heard that he and Raskolnikov met earlier.
  • Raskolnikov confirms this report and tells Dounia about the "go to hell" insult and the threat to throw him down the stairs.
  • He says he won't let her marry Luzhin. He knows she's doing it for him, and he won't let her. She needs to write a letter calling off the engagement.
  • His mom is freaked out. His sister is angry but controls her temper.
  • Razumihin sticks up for Raskolnikov and insults Luzhin, saying he just came over to show off.
  • Dounia tries to get her mother out of the room, and Raskolnikov tells her she has to choose between him and Luzhin.
  • Razumihin says he's acting like a bully and must be crazy.
  • Now, Dounia, Razumihin, and Pulcheria make it out into the hall.
  • Razumihin argues that the women have to go home. Dounia can't stay in the horrible, dangerous rooms Luzhin got for them.
  • Pulcheria says she'll ask the landlady to let them stay here
  • Razumihin says they can't, that the landlady will be "jealous" of them, and who knows what she might do. (They are standing right outside her door.)
  • Razumihin promises to have Nastasya watch Raskolnikov while he walks them home, then will come back and check on Raskolnikov. He'll report back to the women, have the doctor check on him, and then bring the doctor to the women.
  • After that, he will spend the night in Raskolnikov's hall.
  • Dounia is swayed by his arguments. (She says he's "fallen from heaven," which delights him.) Pulcheria is a tougher customer. Still, they move down the staircase.
  • Pulcheria wonders if Razumihin will really do what he says he will do.
  • As if reading her mind, he insists that while he might be "drunk like a fool" (not from booze, but from meeting the two women), he'll sober up and fulfill his promises.
  • Also, he says, when people bother Raskolnikov too much, he sneaks off and does weird things. Consequently, the doctor and others thinks he might be crazy.
  • Now, he defends Raskolnikov and says those people don't know what they're talking about. But, he says, people can say whatever they want, as long as they aren't just copying what other people say.
  • Dounia agrees with most, though not all, of what he says.
  • Razumihin gets down on his knees and kisses her hands. He declares that she's wonderful and that he doesn't deserve to be in the same room with her.
  • They get to the rooms where the women are going to stay. Razumihin complains that Luzhin didn't get a better place. He leaves the two women in the room, promising to soon return.
  • Dounia tries to console her mother, blaming everything on Raskolnikov being sick.
  • Pulcheria says that he'll surely take back his ultimatum. Dounia says she knows he won't.
  • They hug and then wait impatiently for Razumihin to return, not sure he will.
  • Dounia paces, deep in thought.
  • Now, we get a long description of how beautiful Dounia is and how Razumihin isn't just attracted to her because he's drunk.
  • Razumihin returns, as promised, and tells them Raskolnikov is sleeping. Then, he heads off to get the doctor, assuring the women he'll soon return.
  • A while later, Razumihin and Zossimov arrive.
  • Zossimov reassures them that all is well with Raskolnikov's recovery.
  • When they ask about his possible madness, Zossimov assures them that, even though Raskolnikov is having some psychological issues, everything is cool and there's nothing to worry about.
  • He cautions them from saying anything that might irritate the patient.
  • When Zossimov and Razumihin get back on the street, the doctor comments on Dounia's good looks. Razumihin roughs him up a bit, telling him to never talk about Dounia again.
  • Zossimov finds it funny that they're both interested in her.
  • Razumihin says he knows Dounia would never want a guy like him, a poor ex-student.
  • Now, he tells Zossimov he knows he's a good guy, even though he seduces women and sleeps in a "feather-bed."
  • Right now, he will still get out of bed in the night to make house calls, but soon he'll be too comfortable to do even that.
  • In any case, he wants Zossimov to hang out with the landlady all night. He basically wants to get the landlady hooked on Zossimov, so she'll forget about him.
  • Playing the matchmaker, Razumihin argues that the doctor and the landlady are really a great match. The doctor needs to settle down, marry her, and have a nice, comfortable life. (And stay away from Dounia‚Ķ)
  • He asks the doctor to check on Raskolnikov when he can and to wake him up if Raskolnikov seems to get worse.

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