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Crime and Punishment Part 3, Chapter 3

By Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Part 3, Chapter 3

  • So, we're back in Raskolnikov's little room. We've got Zossimov (who's been there with Raskolnikov and says he is cured), Razumihin, Pulcheria, Dounia, and Nastasya.
  • Raskolnikov is sitting upright.
  • He looks sulky, and you can still tell he's been sick.
  • Zossimov has been psychoanalyzing him, but not out loud. He still thinks Raskolnikov is insane but can't believe how much control Raskolnikov has over himself compared to yesterday.
  • Zossimov makes a show of lecturing Raskolnikov in front of the crowd. He says it's up to him to get better now. He needs to do something with himself and stop hiding away.
  • Raskolnikov says that he'll go back to college very soon and then all will be well.
  • Zossimov notices and is confused by the fact that Raskolnikov is mocking him.
  • Still, Raskolnikov praises the doctor and says he can't thank him enough for taking care of him.
  • He thanks Razumihin, apologizes to his mother, and holds Dounia's hand warmly.
  • Raskolnikov also apologizes for not visiting them that morning. It's just that he had blood all over his clothes and Nastasya was washing them for him.
  • He explains how Marmeladov died and that he gave money to the family.
  • Apologizing for giving away money, he says he knows it was wrong and that the money wasn't his to give away.
  • To fill the silence, Pulcheria tells Raskolnikov about Marfa dying, just after she wrote Raskolnikov.
  • Apparently her husband beat her badly and, shortly after, she had a heart attack.
  • Raskolnikov gets the idea that everybody is afraid of him and Dounia confirms this, much to the aggravation of her mother.
  • Raskolnikov tries to comfort his mother but then suddenly freaks out. He gets up like he's leaving. Somehow, he regains control of himself and continues the conversation.
  • Around this time, Zossimov leaves.
  • Raskolnikov asks about Dounia's nice watch. He thinks it's a present from Luzhin, but the late Marfa actually gave it to her. Luzhin hasn't given her any gifts.
  • They talk about how crappy Raskolnikov's room is and agree it's been a big part of his problem.
  • Soon, Raskolnikov says that he's sorry for being a jerk, but he was serious about disliking Luzhin and about Dounia choosing between her brother and her fiancĂ©.
  • Dounia says he was wrong when he said she was marrying Luzhin to help Raskolnikov.
  • She's doing it because she wants to live a more comfortable life. Luzhin is not perfect, but he's better than the alternative. Raskolnikov doesn't believe her.
  • They argue, and he looks like he's about to pass out again.
  • His mother panics, blaming Dounia for upsetting him. Dounia says to give Raskolnikov the letter.
  • After reading it, he says he's surprised that Luzhin is such an "uneducated" guy. He's referring to his writing style, not the content of the letter.
  • He's irked that Luzhin has accused him of giving Sonia money for sex, and he explains that the money was directly given to Katerina.
  • Anyway, they all agree that Raskolnikov and Razumihin should be at today's get-together.

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