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Crime and Punishment Part 3, Chapter 4

By Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Part 3, Chapter 4

  • All of a sudden, Sofya Semyonovna Marmeladov (Sonia) enters the room.
  • At first, Raskolnikov doesn't know who she is. She's very young and is today dressed in a simple dress, though she's still carrying her sun umbrella.
  • He recognizes her and finds her a seat.
  • Sonia is dying of embarrassment. She didn't expect all these people to be there.
  • Her mother sent her to invite Raskolnikov to Marmeladov's funeral.
  • After promising to try to attend, he introduces Sonia to his mother and sister.
  • His mother is rude to her, without actually saying anything. Sonia tries to get away, but Raskolnikov insists she stay.
  • She repeats her request that he attend the funeral and also the dinner after.
  • They talk. Raskolnikov admires her beautiful eyes and thinks that she looks much younger than 18. He notices her looking around the room and asks her why.
  • She says, in a whisper of gratitude, "You gave us everything yesterday."
  • Pulcheria gets up to go, inviting Raskolnikov and Razumihin to dinner later.
  • Razumihin is about to go with them, but Raskolnikov says he needs to talk to him.
  • After they leave, Raskolnikov tells Sonia that the living have to live. Her face brightens.
  • We leave them like that for a moment and join Dounia and Pulcheria on the street.
  • Pulcheria feels better about her son, but Dounia says she can see he's still sick.
  • Pulcheria is most worried about Sonia. She thinks Raskolnikov is interested in the girl and it worries her terribly. Dounia disagrees.
  • Pulcheria brings up what Luzhin said about Sonia in the letter (that she's a prostitute).
  • Dounia says that Luzhin doesn't know what he's talking about and is a big jerk.
  • Now, we go back to Raskolnikov's room. Raskolnikov begins talking to Razumihin.
  • Sonia gets up to leave, but Raskolnikov asks her to stay, saying that he doesn't mind if she hears the conversation.
  • Raskolnikov explains that he had pawned some things with the murdered pawnbroker, including his father's watch, which his mother would never forgive him for losing.
  • He wants Razumihin to take him over to inspector Porfiry's so he can find out the procedure for getting back his things (when he has the money).
  • Razumihin is delighted and agrees to take him.
  • Raskolnikov introduces Razumihin to Sonia and then says he wants to visit her later.
  • He asks for her address, and she gives it to him. They all go out onto the street.
  • When they part, Sonia is so glad to be alone. Something is going on inside her. Something she's never felt before.
  • She can't believe Raskolnikov is coming to her house and isn't sure if she can handle it.
  • Sonia doesn't notice that she's being followed.
  • A manabout 50 and good lookingnoticed her when she was with Razumihin and Raskolnikov. Thinking she looked familiar, he decided to follow her.
  • When she gets home, he is amazed at the coincidence.
  • Like him, she rents a room from the tailor.
  • He speaks to her warmly, says they are neighbors, and that he's only been in town two weeks. Sonia doesn't respond but goes into her room and shuts the door.
  • And we go back on the street with Raskolnikov and Razumihin as they head toward Porfiry's. Razumihin is really excited and doesn't suspect Raskolnikov at all.
  • Raskolnikov is talking to himself again, mostly making sarcastic remarks about Razumihin's gullibility.
  • Porfiry is a main topic of conversation. According to Razumihin, he's a really successful investigator who solves the toughest murder cases and also loves toying with people.
  • Apparently, Porfiry has wanted to meet Raskolnikov for some time now. He's heard all about him from Razumihin, who starts apologizing for his drunkenness last night. Raskolnikov hushes him, nervous about Porfiry and trying to decide on a strategy.
  • He wants to know if Porfiry knows that he went to the pawnbroker's room and made a scene yesterday.
  • He starts teasing Razumihin about how spruced up he looks, implying that he's in love with Dounia. He says he's going to bring it up at dinner, in front of everybody.
  • They joke and play and are laughing loudly as they go inside Porfiry's house, which is just what Raskolnikov wants.
  • Razumihin orders him not to say a word about Dounia in front of Porfiry.

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