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Crime and Punishment Part 4, Chapter 3

By Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Part 4, Chapter 3

  • Luzhin can't believe the meeting with Dounia and her mother went so poorly. He had counted on the women being completely grateful to him for rescuing them from poverty.
  • Luzhin is in love with himself and in love with money. He's managed to make lots of it. Now, he needs a wife, and Dounia is the one he wants.
  • She's everything that he wants in a wife: young, extremely poor, and good-looking.
  • Her education is better than his, but he's sure this will be more than balanced by the extreme gratitude she will feel toward him for rescuing her. She will be his slave.
  • Luzhin wants to climb the ranks in St. Petersburg and knows that Dounia is the perfect wife for him.
  • He's determined to set things right with Dounia tomorrow and get rid of the Raskolnikov problem. He's worried about Svidrigaïlov, too.
  • Meanwhile, Raskolnikov, Pulcheria, Dounia, and Razumihin are laughing and talking.
  • Dounia wants to know about Svidrigaïlov. Raskolnikov tells her about the money.
  • He doesn't know what to make of Svidrigaïlovthe man constantly contradicts himself.
  • This can't be good, Dounia thinks. She fears what Svidrigaïlov might be planning.
  • Raskolnikov and Razumihin notice her fear and say they will protect her.
  • Razumihin is really excited. He has an uncle that wants to loan him 1,000 roubles. If Dounia will put in another 1,000, they can open a publishing house. Razumihin has all the details worked out.
  • Dounia heartily approves. Raskolnikov says it sounds like a great idea but wants to talk about it more some other time.
  • More good news from Razumihinhe's found a nice place where they all can live.
  • Raskolnikov starts to get up to leave. They all try to stop him, but he says that he has to go and that he won't be able to see his mother and sister for some time.
  • He tells them not to try to get in touch with him and not to look for him.
  • Dounia calls him "heartless," but Razumihin defends his friend. He says that Raskolnikov might be crazy, but he isn't heartless. He runs after Raskolnikov.
  • Raskolnikov says Razumihin should also leave him alone, that he should stay with Pulcheria and Dounia and not leave them by themselves.
  • Razumihin argues, but Raskolnikov stares at him and passes some message to him. When Razumihin understands, his face drains of color.
  • That night, Razumihin comforts the two women and becomes like a son and brother to them.

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