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Crime and Punishment Part 6, Chapter 5

By Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Part 6, Chapter 5

  • To Svidrigaïlov's irritation, Raskolnikov goes with him.
  • They get to Svidrigaïlov's place. Both Sonia and the landlady are away from home, so Raskolnikov can't talk to either of them. Svidrigaïlov offers him a ride in a carriage. Raskolnikov gives up and walks the other way while Svidrigaïlov gets into the carriage.
  • While Raskolnikov is turned the other way, Svidrigaïlov gets back out of the carriage. He slips away into the darkness.
  • Raskolnikov starts talking to himself and stands on the bridge, looking at the water.
  • Dounia is there, too, but he doesn't see her. Here comes Svidrigaïlov.
  • Dounia sneaks past Raskolnikov and goes with Svidrigaïlov.
  • He hurries her. Raskolnikov has heard about the letter he wrote to Dounia and thinks Svidrigaïlov is up to no good. They must hide from him.
  • Dounia goes with him just far enough to be out of Raskolnikov's line of vision.
  • Svidrigaïlov says he doesn't care if she goes with him, but he wants to talk to her with Sonia. He wants to show her some paper and tell her Raskolnikov's secret.
  • When he accuses her of being afraid, she goes with him.
  • They arrive at Sonia's place, but she isn't home. (Svidrigaïlov knew this already because he was just there with Raskolnikov.)
  • They go into Svidrigaïlov's house and he shows Dounia where he eavesdropped on Sonia and Raskolnikov.
  • He tells her that Raskolnikov killed the two women and that he admitted it to Sonia.
  • Dounia can't believe it.
  • He tries to explain Raskolnikov's Napoleon theory and how Raskolnikov is only having issues right now because his experiment failed, not because he feels bad about what he did.
  • She tells him she knows all about itshe read his article, the one about great people who are allowed to do whatever they want. Razumihin brought her a copy of the magazine.
  • Dounia starts to feel bad, like she's about to pass out. She gets control of herself and decides to leave. Uh-oh, the doors are locked.
  • Svidrigaïlov offers to buy Raskolnikov a passport so he can get out of town.
  • He says that everybody in the building is gone, for the night.
  • Dounia tries frantically to get the door to open. He says he lost the key.
  • Svidrigaïlov tells Dounia that it's okay for her to have sex with him. He claims she won't be sinning if he forces her.
  • All of a sudden, Dounia pulls out a gun. It was a gift from Marfa, who Dounia says Svidrigaïlov poisoned. Eventually, she shoots and the bullet just barely nicks his head.
  • She tries to shoot him a few more times and misses. Then, she drops the gun.
  • He can tell she's giving up. He goes to her and holds her in his arms.
  • When she begs him to let her go, he asks her if she really doesn't love him.
  • She really doesn't and tells him so. He pushes the key into her hand and tells her to run, which she does. Svidrigaïlov watches from the window as she runs to the bridge.
  • Blood is on his forehead. He picks up the gun and examines it.
  • One shot left.
  • He goes outside.

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