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Crispin: Cross of Lead Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

  • As Crispin eats the bread the man's offered, the man continues to talk about freedom, masters, and equality. Which, again, is heavy stuff to talk about with someone you just met. Clearly this guy wants an audience something fierce.
  • He assures Crispin he could find a much worse master and shows off his juggling skills. Turns out, this is what he does for a living.
  • In the middle of asking a bunch of questions and getting frustrated because Crispin doesn't seem to know anything about anything or have any answers, the man discovers Crispin's true name and says it seems a bit fancy for a peasant.
  • He continues to give Crispin a hard time about where he's going and what he's going to do, seeming to think Crispin is pretty lucky to have run into him because Crispin would have had no chance on his own.
  • He reveals his name to be Orson Hrothgar, but his nickname is "Bear." If our name were Orson Hrothgar, we'd go with Bear, too.
  • Bear is heading to Great Wexly to meet a man about some great work they're trying to accomplish.
  • Crispin will be carrying his stuff.

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